In order to compare prices and make sure

you get the work done right and get a quality fence

* be warned of the ''jobber'', the price will be lower but

they won't be professionnal,

not well equip (no machinery( Toro) to dig deep enough for your post.....the hydrolic power is required as soon as your ground is made of clay or has rocks) We are experience to work in Pierrefond, Laval, Montreal.....We know how to dig and do the job right with difficult soil, no extra money required.

A ''jobber'' might let you down if it becomes too difficult!

We finish the job quickly, within one week* all will be closed. 

nobody want's their yard in construction all summer long!

* Do not only buy material  shop around your price options ...see how much it cost for a all included And only material. Often it is less expensive to take all included! Think about the cost of concrete and the location of the machinery to dig the holes for your post... Also think about all the time required to do it and it is a difficult job to do alone, also if the result is not straight...(experience is key to make it straight) all will be to redo.

Just to install yourself your intimity strips and you will save money!


* Have your property certificate , you need to know the limits of your land, this will avoid neighbour feud!  and it will help to see exactly how many linear feet you need for the fence ,so you can get an exact quote and your real price.

*check that you have a recent certificate. If you are in a new development and there is no existing land limits (like trees, bushes, an old fence...) you better have your land limits marked by a professional, it will avoid later conflict.

* Call info excavation  , unless the fence goes at the same place as the previous old fence, you better call them to make sure no underground wires or gas line is in the's a free call (514) 286-9228, if nothing is there, you will know it fast, and if they need to come mark were it is, it could take 2 weeks. Best to plan ahead.


To make your Yard or your Fence first ?  , according to our experience, the best result for your yard is :  1- excavate / level / fill in ...and make sure the ground is packed  ...we need to be able to walk on it and let us know if your yard is wet....better to work on dry land so the machinery doesn't get stuck!  2-plant the fencing post, you will need to rake the yard to erase our marks.  3-do the pave / grass / asphalt ...let it rest as advised (so to not  make your yard bumpy or shoe mark the new asphalt) 4-close the fence (do not water the grass before our visit) about 1 week after step #3.

* The concrete  , there is pre-made bags of mixed concrete and depending on the mix, it will get you 25 mpa/ commercial grade....or you have the home made mix....made on the spot, with sand and rocks, recipe is approximate... often the mix is not a 25 mpa grade and it's difficult to know it's quality... except afterwards, when post are comming up and concrete crumbles. 

All our clients get 25 mpa/ commercial grade concrete.

Our Advise for your fence